Monday, October 3, 2011

Crave Review

416 pages
Savannah Colbert has been shunned all her life by the kids of the Clann. And when she undergoes some drastic changes after a strange illness, Savannah learns secrets about the group and about herself—dangerous secrets. For the Clann are powerful magic users, and Savannah herself is half Clann and half vampire—a forbidden, unheard of combination. Falling for Clann golden boy Tristan Coleman isn't just a bad idea—it could be deadly if anyone finds out. But her attraction to Tristan—and his to her—isn't something either of them can resist for long.

Review (ARC): 
I absolutely enjoyed this book. It is so much more than another vampire novel. The world created here has so many secrets and an enjoyable way of figuring these mysteries out. Savannah is a character who I admired especially after she found out what she really was. She did what she thought was right regardless of what anyone else thinks. I loved the relationship between Savannah and Tristan. Although it is forbidden the attraction between them is amazingly strong. Usually I'm not a fan of books that change the point of view too often but I love being able to see things from both  Savannah and Tristan's point of view. The ending of the book left me wanting to know more so I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of vampire or magic novels.


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