Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Tale of Two Castles Review

320 pages
Newly arrived in the town of Two Castles, Elodie unexpectedly becomes the assistant to a brilliant dragon named Meenore, and together they solve mysteries. Their most important case concerns the town’s shape-shifting ogre, Count Jonty Um: Someone is plotting against him. Elodie must disguise herself to discover the source of the threat amid a cast of characters that includes a greedy king, a giddy princess, and a handsome cat trainer.

I love fairytales and fairytale remake books. I have also loved Gail Carson Levine's books ever since I came across Ella EnchantedA Tale of Two Castles does not disappoint. This book gives a great twist to the Puss In Boots fairytale. Instead of being a direct replica of that tale it has its own original storyline. This is a fun and delightfully sweet read. Even though the heroine Elodie is young she doesn't come across that way in the book. This book isn't a typical fairytale book in the sense that the characters aren't what they seem. I think that this book would be enjoyable for anyone who likes fairytales no matter what the age.


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