Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solstice Review

378 pages
Piper’s world is dying. Global warming kills every living thing on Earth, and each day brings hotter temperatures and heat bubbles which threaten to destroy humanity. Amid this Global Heating Crisis, Piper lives with her mother who suffocates her more than the chaotic climate. When her mother is called away to meet the father Piper has been running from her entire life, Piper seizes an opportunity for freedom. But when Piper discovers a world of mythology she never knew existed, she realizes her world is not the only one in crisis. While Gods battle for control of the Underworld, Piper's life spirals into turmoil, and she struggles to find answers to secrets kept from her since birth. And though she’s drawn to her classmate Shayne, he may be more than he claims. Piper has to choose whom she can trust and how she can save the people she loves even if it means the end of everything she’s ever known. 

I absolutely loved this book! I actually found it as an ebook for $2.99 on Barnes and Noble and randomly decided to read it. I am extremely glad that I did. It was a wonderful mix between dystopian fiction and mythology. Piper's world is extremely controlled by her mother and its interesting to see the ways in which she tries to rebel. It takes Piper a while to learn about her true identity but when she finally does you can see her change as she embraces it. The love triangle adds to the interest of the book and the two guys competing for Piper's affections are completely different and definitely add to the adventure of the novel. I love how everything in the novel was tied into Greek mythology. This book was a very enjoyable read and I recommend it to those who love dystopian novels or mythology.  You won't be disappointed.