Monday, November 5, 2012

Sweet Shadows Review

328 pages

Three teenage descendants of Medusa, now united, must claim their heritage to fight the monsters escaped from the abyss. Gretchen may have known she was a descendant of Medusa long before her sisters--after all, she's spent her life fighting the monsters that escape the abyss--but that doesn't mean it will be easy to teach the other girls the ropes. Greer has pressing social commitments on her plate and precious little time to train in her newfound powers. But that wretched second sight won't leave her alone, and her fabled heritage seems to be creeping into her fashionable life. Grace has worries closer to home--like why her brother, Thane, has disappeared. He's hiding something. Could it possibly be related to the secret heritage the triplets share?

So far this series is a great new entry into greek mythology based fiction. Gretchen, Greer, and Grace may be triplets but they all have major differences that mark them as individuals. Despite these differences you see them grow closer in this novel as they bond and go through problems together. I like Gretchen the most because she is tough since she's been training for longer than the other girls. All of them have different lives that they have to meld with their duty to fight the escaping monsters. Not everything is at it seems with the monsters and the girls learn that they may need to look for help from unexpected places. There is a lot of action in this book, more so than the first, and it makes this quite an exciting read. I can't wait to read the next novel in this series and see more of what the girls will accomplish as they move towards their destiny. I definitely recommend you read this if you love books based off mythology but make sure to read Sweet Venom first.


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