Friday, November 23, 2012

Bitter Blood Review

404 pages

For years, the human and vampire residents of Morganville, Texas, have managed to co-exist in peace. But now that the threat to the vampires has been defeated, the human residents are learning that the gravest danger they face is the enemy within… Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have been freed of their usual constraints. With the vampires indulging their every whim, the town’s human population is determined to hold on to their lives by taking up arms. But college student Claire Danvers isn’t about to take sides, considering she has ties to both the humans and the vampires. To make matters worse, a television show comes to Morganville looking for ghosts, just as vampire and human politics collide. Now, Claire and her friends have to figure out how to keep the peace without ending up on the nightly news… or worse.

I wondered what new horrors could befall the town of Morganville and it turned out to be a lot more. It turns out that the Morganville vampires are a lot scarier when they don't have any real rules to live behind. As usual its up to Claire to figure everything out and help save the people and vampires in the town from crossing the point of no return. Claire is her usual smart and spunky self although she does let her emotions get the better of her at times. I wasn't the biggest fan of Shane by the end of this book because as usual he screws things up by being a complete idiot. I'm glad that Claire finally is able to stand up for herself in her relationship and I'm impressed with her decision at the end of the book.. There is a lot of drama about the marriage between Michael and Eve which definitely helps to amp up the action in this story as well. I really enjoyed this novel and I'm impressed with how the author keeps coming up with fresh material despite this being the 13th one in the series. I actually can't wait to see what can possibly happen in the next novel. I definitely recommend reading this but make sure you get through the other 12 books in the series before you start this one.


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