Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keeper of the Lost Cities Review

496 pages

Twelve-year-old Sophie Foster has a secret. She’s a Telepath—someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her. It’s a talent she’s never known how to explain. Everything changes the day she meets Fitz, a mysterious boy who appears out of nowhere and also reads minds. She discovers there’s a place she does belong, and that staying with her family will place her in grave danger. In the blink of an eye, Sophie is forced to leave behind everything and start a new life in a place that is vastly different from anything she has ever known. Sophie has new rules to learn and new skills to master, and not everyone is thrilled that she has come “home.” There are secrets buried deep in Sophie’s memory—secrets about who she really is and why she was hidden among humans—that other people desperately want. Would even kill for.

This is one of those novels that you start reading and discover is impossible to put down. Literally when I finished this novel I had no idea what to read next because I wanted more! I love the fact that this was a fresh and unique look at a fantasy species that are usually portrayed in only one significant way. I won't give away which species, but its definitely one of my favorites. Sophie is a spunky and kind individual who doesn't feel like she fits in with humans. Although smart beyond her human years, Sophie still has the qualities of a twelve-year-old girl and that side of her really hits a sensitive spot with you. You can't help but to empathize with Sophie as she goes though her journey of self-discovery and a completely new life. There are quite a few characters, all with different characteristics that cause you to love them. The story built here is quite mysterious because we don't know Sophie's true background, just the identity she grew up with. There are so many things to unravel about Sophie's past that you can't help but lock in until you find out more. There really isn't a lot of action in this book but that doesn't distract from the incredible plot and the exciting conclusion to this novel. The world built here is very descriptive and different and the only thing I can ask for in the next novel is please be longer and even more amazing! I definitely recommend reading this especially if you love fantasy novels!


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