Thursday, December 8, 2011

Anathema Review

206 pages
Forget prophecy. Make your own destiny.
Sheltered from the outside world with no hope for escape, slave girl Reychel dreads her fifteenth birthday - when her master’s symbol is burned on the back of her bald scalp. Her best friend disappears the night before, leaving her to face the branding ceremony alone. She soon discovers nothing is as it seems when people desperate for freedom beg for Reychel's help. Can Reychel learn to believe in herself?

Well this novel was a quick read. I really thought it was 500 pages because for some reason it showed up on my nook color that way and it was a bit disappointing to discover it was actually way less. Nevertheless this was an interesting book. There is slavery and violence and magic all mixed together to create an awesome adventure. I don't feel like I got to know Reychel deeply as a character since the book went quickly. However, from what I did read, Reychel seems to be on her way to developing into a great heroine. I really liked the drama and secrets in the book that kept me reading and interested until the end. Sometimes it was frustrating to read but in a good way because I wanted to know exactly what was going on. However, there are quite a bit of unexpected twists in the end that are worth figuring out. This is the first book in the series so I can only hope for improvement in the next one. I recommend this book to everyone who loves a fast paced fantasy fiction novel.


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