Monday, February 25, 2013

The Goddess Inheritance Review

384 pages
Release date: February 26th, 2013

During nine months of captivity, Kate Winters has survived a jealous goddess, a vengeful Titan and a pregnancy she never asked for. Now the Queen of the Gods wants her unborn child, and Kate can't stop her--until Cronus offers a deal. In exchange for her loyalty and devotion, the King of the Titans will spare humanity and let Kate keep her child. Yet even if Kate agrees, he'll destroy Henry, her mother and the rest of the council. And if she refuses, Cronus will tear the world apart until every last god and mortal is dead. With the fate of everyone she loves resting on her shoulders, Kate must do the impossible: find a way to defeat the most powerful being in existence, even if it costs her everything. Even if it costs her eternity.

Review (ARC):
After this amazing roller coaster of a series the ending is a nearly perfect one. The things that Kate has gone through have made her a completely different person and its even harder to watch the things she has to suffer from Calliope, the Queen of the Gods. Although Henry is a good person, he has to do some pretty crazy things to help protect Kate and his child. Cronus is a difficult character to figure out. Although Cronus is the bad guy we see a side of humanity to him every now and again that almost gives hope. I think that the author did a good job of using the flippant attitude the Greek gods had towards relationships and combining it with real love triangles amongst them. There is some tragedy in this novel which makes me hope that this story will be continued in some way. This book is full of betrayal, love, intrigue, and action, which all come together to create a beautiful and exciting story. I definitely recommend this novel if you like books based on greek mythology but I recommend that you read The Goddess Test and Goddess Interrupted before you tackle this one.


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