Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ms Book Queen Attends BEA 2013

Last week I had the pleasure of attending BEA for the first time. It was extremely overwhelming yet wonderful. There was a large buffet of different activities going on at once such as author signings, special events, and of course giveaways of free books! All of the biggest names in publishing were there as were some major authors. Although it wasn't overly crowded, the lines to see favorite authors and get exclusive copies of books were exceptionally lengthy at some points. Some of the lines just to get a bag to carry things in were insane, and it was especially hard to get your hand on Mc Graw Hill Education's awesome red bags.

Attending one of the Spencer Hill Press' Author Breakfasts was an amazing experience. It was great getting to meet some wonderful authors and the team over at Spencer Hill. We were able to hear about the author's upcoming and current projects as well as enjoy some great food!

One of the things that I've learned for next year is that it is very important to get to your desired locations early or you'll be stuck waiting on a long line forever. Also if you plan on picking up more than a few books it's a good idea to bring along a rolling suitcase. The suitcase can be checked in, and you can walk back and forth dropping books off throughout the day.

I'm definitely looking forward to attending BEA next year and I'm glad I got a chance to experience such a fun event! Check out some of the fun Ms Book Queen had at BEA below and be on the lookout for some book giveaways next week!

Ms Book Queen with R.L. Stein
Spencer Hill Press Author Breakfast
Ms Book Queen with Editor Trisha J. Wooldridge and Authors Kelly Hashway and Sarah Guilty
Spencer Hill Press Author Breakfast
Lines for the author signings
Alethea Kontis with her new book Hero
Lines on the show floor 
Lines on the show floor
Author Richelle Mead signing her new book Gameboard of the Gods
Authors Kimberly Miller and Elizabeth Langston

Ms Book Queen's place of rest!
Ms Book Queen with Olivia the Pig!


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