Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Outpost Review

336 pages
Deuce’s whole world has changed. Down below, she was considered an adult. Now, topside in a town called Salvation, she’s a brat in need of training in the eyes of the townsfolk. She doesn’t fit in with the other girls: Deuce only knows how to fight. To make matters worse, her Hunter partner, Fade, keeps Deuce at a distance. Her feelings for Fade haven’t changed, but he seems not to want her around anymore. Confused and lonely, she starts looking for a way out. Deuce signs up to serve in the summer patrols—those who make sure the planters can work the fields without danger. It should be routine, but things have been changing on the surface, just as they did below ground. The Freaks have grown smarter. They’re watching. Waiting. Planning. The monsters don’t intend to let Salvation survive, and it may take a girl like Deuce to turn back the tide.

Wow. The relationship dynamics in this novel have certainly gotten interesting. Deuce is stuck in a love triangle between Stalker and Fade and it definitely makes things interesting. I still appreciate Deuce as a character because she is strong and not even slightly helpless. I love that Deuce shows the townspeople that women can be strong and shouldn't have to fall into traditional roles based on superstitious beliefs. This book is packed with action and danger from the Freaks outside the town although at a slower pace than the previous novel. The Freaks definitely get creepier in this book and its interesting to see the way Deuce and her friends deal with them as they continue trying to protect the town. This novel ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see what happens with Deuce and her friends in the next book. I definitely recommend that you read this novel especially if you love dystopian fiction. Make sure you read Enclave first.


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