Monday, March 19, 2012

Classic Monday: Animal Farm by George Orwell

112 pages

Animal Farm is the most famous by far of all twentieth-century political allegories. Its account of a group of barnyard animals who revolt against their vicious human master, only to submit to a tyranny erected by their own kind, can fairly be said to have become a universal drama. Orwell is one of the very few modern satirists comparable to Jonathan Swift in power, artistry, and moral authority; in animal farm his spare prose and the logic of his dark comedy brilliantly highlight his stark message.

This book shows what happens when you follow blindly those who are in a position of power but are also corrupted. George Orwell wrote this novel as symbolism for the Russian Revolution and he does a brilliant job. I'm not sure if this is still on the reading list for kids in school these days but this is definitely one of those eye-opener classics.


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