Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Promised Review

304 pages

After defying the ruthless Enclave, surviving the wasteland, and upending the rigid matriarchy of Sylum, Gaia Stone now faces her biggest challenge ever. She must lead the people of Sylum back to the Enclave and persuade the Protectorat to grant them refuge from the wasteland. In Gaia's absence, the Enclave has grown more cruel, more desperate to experiment on mothers from outside the wall, and now the stakes of cooperating or rebelling have never been higher. Is Gaia ready, as a leader, to sacrifice what--or whom--she loves most?

As the final book in the trilogy, this isn't the strongest, but it does a good job of tying up the story. Gaia is the leader of the Sylum people but she doesn't always act like it. I feel like Gaia was a lot stronger in the other books but a bit more on the passive side a lot in this one. The Protectorat has only grown more cruel in Gaia's absence and she has to find a way to change that along with Leon and the rest of her friends. I appreciated that we got to learn a lot more behind why things are the way they are in the Enclave. Leon and Gaia's relationship go through so much yet they continue to remain as strong as ever. There is a lot of action and climatic moments that make this story exciting and a fun read. The ending is a bit strange, I didn't really understand why things had to end up that way but it was acceptable I guess. All in all I would recommend you read this if you've read Birthmarked and Prized so that you can finish off the series.


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