Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crimson Rising Review

408 pages
Release date: September 8th, 2012

After the events that transpired in Seattle, the faculty at Skyship Academy have kept Jesse a prisoner in his own home, fearful of his ability to break Pearls. Cassius has escaped to the Polar Cities of Canada, fleeing the Unified Party — the very organization he’d once counted himself a part of. But when Jesse manages to smuggle onboard the Academy a mysterious red Pearl, he sets forth a destructive chain of events that leads him back to the Fringes and to a reunion with Cassius. It's there that the brothers meet Madame’s newest protégé, a troubled youth with a dangerous secret waiting to be unlocked. But a larger threat looms in the stars. Together, Jesse and Cassius must race against the clock, and those they thought they could trust, to prevent extermination at the hands of their ultimate enemy — an enemy hatched from crimson and ready to strike.

Review (ARC):
I really love the Skyship Academy series as it has given me a fresh look on science fiction books at a whole. The concept is just so fresh and unique that you can't help but to enjoy it. This novel had a lot of action and and just entertaining scenes as a whole. Once again the story is told from the different perspectives of Jesse and Cassius. Even though they are brothers they are completely different characters, yet there's something about each of them that just draws you in. There are quite a few familiar characters in this novel and also a few new ones. The new characters that you're introduced to have more to them than meets the eye but it becomes revealed as the novel goes on. The story here is just as exciting if not more than the first book in the series. This novel answered a lot of questions for me but still left me wanting to know more. I can't wait for the next novel to see what happens next in Jesse and Cassius' lives. I definitely recommend that you read this book but you should read the first book in the series The Pearl Wars, before you read this one.


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