Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Witch Review

464 pages
Mirei's extraordinary magic makes her the most powerful witch alive. By some she is hailed as a miracle, while others proclaim her to be an evil abomination...and vow to destroy those who champion her.
Now the different factions of witches engage in a bloody war, with magic, treachery, and murder. But both sides may be fighting for nothing. For the power that the rebel witches fear, the magic that Mirei alone possesses, is killing her.

As the second book in the series this one did not disappoint.  Merei is more of a complete character which I enjoy in this book. There is action and adventure throughout this whole novel. It is definitely easier and more fun to read than the first one. I enjoyed the fact that you can clearly see female dominance as characters in the book. The difference in views amongst the witch characters is exciting. The fact that not everyone is comfortable with Merei's discovery creates a lot of conflict and interest. I feel like I was able to connect with Merei as a character easily. I do feel like the ending should have been better and more adventurous but it was still good to read. If you've read the first book Warrior, then you definitely need to read this!


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